Hello Queens,

Waking up after a looong night’s sleep, while my coffee is getting ready in the kitchen, I go to bathroom to wash my face to freshen up and get ready for the day. I walk up to the mirror, and I see A ZOMBIE LOOKING AT ME, in the mirror. I get FREAKED OUT! Then I realize, that zombie looking at me is actually me with the DARKEST CIRCLES under my eyes. I know that lots of people share the same problem with me, the DARK  under eye circles that make you look like a character from The WALKING DEAD. So today’s review will be the ULTIMATE ZOMBIE DESTROYER (that helps eliminate the dark circles under the eyes). So let’s KILL THE ZOMBIE!!! 

This is, ladies and gentlemen, TRIPLE ACTIVE EYES, by L’oréal Paris.

Triple Active

This little lady comes in a simply-designed box, and on the box it is written that this is a MOISTURISING EYE CREAM, so do not expect any wonders about your creases, and the lines near your eyes. It is a QUITE SMALL jar of moisturizer to be honest, HOWEVER, it is a THICK cream which means that you will need ONLY a small amount of the product whenever you use it. With the VITAMIN E, which is an antioxidant assists in the formation of RED BLOOD CELLS that will definitely help you with the under eye darkness, in it, the products works VERY WELL at moisturizing the eye area. I apply it every night, after cleansing my face, and as soon as I put it under my eyes, the thick cream dissappears with NO RESIDUE. The eye area feels SILKY SMOOTH, and HEALTHIER in the morning (yes, healthier). After taking a good look in the mirror, I realize that the DARKEST PITS OF HELL under my eyes are partially FADED.

Triple Active Eyes HELPS with the dark circles, however, it DOES NOT eliminate them wholly. (You will see how to KILL those dark circles FOREVER in my upcoming “EYE AREA CARE ROUTINE“) Back to the product, yes, it IS great for people who are in their 20s. As a 20-year-old guy, I have no problems using the product and I am actually happy with it. It says on the box that it HYDRATES your eye area for 24 HOURS, which is totally a LIE, well, a false statement; You need to apply it AT LEAST twice in a day to keep the eye area *SILKY* smooth. There is NO PERFUME in the product, which is BETTER because perfume may HARM your skin as it is a chemical substance. Don’t worry, there is no unpleasant smell with this product. So, remember to KILL THAT ZOMBIE! And, that’s pretty much it for this little ladybug.

This is, by the way, the little jar;

unnamed (1)

RATING: 7/10





  1. Hey dferkan 🙂 Thought I should leave a suggestion..maybe breaking this para into two smaller paras willl help? Because there’s a lot of bold and capitalized words there and I thought smaller paras for such lines would look neater 🙂

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      1. I know!!!! This is for everyone its just a list of ten questions to answer from myself then you get to ask 10 questions and nominate 10 people. I think its a great way of getting blogs noticed by others as you have to leave their link on your page I just thought yours was definitely one to be noticed and read I really think your blog is great! You dont have to take part of course x 🙂

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      2. Oh! I didn’t know that anyone could participate! I will definitely do this pretty soon today! Thank you for your nice comment, I really do appreciate it!!

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