Well Hello Queens! 

This time I am coming at ya’ with the best oil cleanser on the market right now!

But first, let’s talk a little tiny bit about oil cleansing and how important it actually is for all skin types and not just dry skin.

As make-up products and sunscreen are usually highly pigmented and they contain a blend of oils, especially sunscreens, they need to be cleansed thoroughly in order not to clog your pores and cause breakouts. Oils can only be dissolved with other oils, which basically means that your high end amazing cleansing gel or foam cannot completely get rid of the oil-infused SPF and make-up, thus you need an oil cleanser to dissolve all the gunk on your face thoroughly. You could follow up with a low ph foaming gel cleanser if you wish to but, this product needs no second step, because it is formulated extremely well with a very short list of beneficial ingredients and most importantly it emulsifies into a silky milk and washes right off without any oil residue!

Ladies, and gents, here is the.. p

Shea Cleansing Oil by L’occitane en Provence

Without further ado, let’s get to PROs and CONs!

+Very gentle on sensitive skin
+Contains a blend of Shea and Baobab Seed Oils to richly nourish the skin
+Melts all make-up, including waterproof mascarano lies here
+Emulsifies into a silky milk once met with water and washes right off
+Does not leaves an oily residue
+Contains Vitamin E  and Sunflower oils, which are very consistent antioxidants
+A single pump is enough for your whole face if you are not wearing heavy make-up
+No parabens, silicone, preservatives

-Due to the lack of preservatives, it only has a 3-month life after switching the pump (it comes with a security lock, so no spilling here)


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