Cyrène Argan Milk Serum

Well Hello Skin Care Lovers,

I just found out about Cyrène, a Turkish cosmetics brand with a wide range of skin care products that are actually immensely good in the ingredients department! I was so excited to test their products as they had openly provided the ingredients list for every single thing on their website.

I had initially ordered two different skin care sets, one for combination skin types and one for dry skin. As soon as I received the products, I solely based my whole skin care routine on Cyrène for a week to give their goodies time to do their jobs.


Then, I found out about their Argan Milk Serum for a very reasonable price point on their online shop, and decided to give it a try.

Let me now introduce you to..argan_milk_serumPure & Natural Argan Milk Ultrarich  Hydrating Treatment Skinfood Serum for All Skin Types by Cyrène (that is an absolute moutful)

Now, let’s dive right in to the PROs and CONs to see how this serum worked out for me.

+There are only 6 ingredients, with Sodium Benzoate as the preservative, mostly safe.
+Contains Bay Tree Leaf Extract, a toning and balancing occlusive agent.
+Argan Oil is listed as the third ingredient after Water and BTL Extract, and it is a highly effective skin-softening and moisturizing emollient.
+Smells like condensed milk without any added fragrance.
+Immensely calms the skin, and fades redness
+Nourishes well, while protecting the natural lipids of the skin
+I’ve seen some people complaining about the pasteur pipette, however, I have not experienced any difficulty with the applicator.


I will definitely repurchase this well-formulated Argan Milk by Cyrène once I finish this bottle!

P.S: Make sure you use my link right here to register on or use my code REWARD-1466-D94ER-KFSL during the final step of your first purchase for a little something something *wink*


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