#HolyGrails: Pure Vitamin C21.5 Advanced Serum

Well Hello!!

So there has been an absolute craze over Vitamin C infused skin care products lately! And there was no way in hell I would not give them a try since Vitamin C is a very effective repairing and lightening agent for dark spots, acne, wrinkles, and it also functions as a  qualified skin smoothing and retexturizing agent.

The main issue with my skin has always been occasional acne vulgaris, which is basically acne caused by clogged hair follicles on your skin, and I had been experiencing some acne scarring before this Vitamin C journey. Even though I cleansed my skin very well, and exfoliated with acid peels such as glycolic and salicylic acids, I would still get acne here and there occasionally.

And now, I would like to introduce you to “the most advanced vitamin C serum” on the market!

c20_purevitaminc215advancedserum_ingredients_02_grande_6ee1c1ba-06a4-4ce1-a99b-a29ebe10c5ce_grandePure Vitamin C21.5 Advanced Serum by WISHTREND

No.1 Whitening Serum is back ! Meet the most advanced vitamin C serum, Pure Vitamin C21.5 Advanced Serum.

I can’t wait to get to the PROs and CONs and to tell you how it all went down for me!

PROs – Ingredients
+Contains a whopping 21.5% pure Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid), which boosts skin renewal and cell-turnover extremely quickly!
+Alongside one of the safest preservatives Xanthan Gum, it also contains Hyaluronic Acid for maximum moisture and Allantoin for its anti-inflammatory properties.
+With Cassia Obtusifolia Seed Extract the serum prevents bacteria growth on skin.
+The ingredient list is very short and simple, which is an immense PRO for all skin types, especially for the sensitive skin types that are prone to allergies and skin reactions.

PROs – Effectiveness and My Personal Experience
+It did clear up my acne very quickly with ZERO irritation.
+I no longer have any acne scars thanks to this product.
+After I used this products for a solid span of 4 weeks, my skin barrier is much healthier and it is fortified since acid peels no longer irritate or burn my skin.
+Skin texture has improved greatly, I now have a much clearer complexion with smoother skin surface.

CONs – Ingredients
-Contains Sodium Lactate, a sodium salt of lactic acid, as a humectant, higher concentrations could bring about irritation, however, up to 5% it is safe to use.
-Contains Ethyl Hexanediol, an aliphatic alcohol, as the solvent, could cause irritation.
-Since the Ascorbic Acid is highly prone to destabilize, the product should be stored in the fridge, and in case its color turns to orange, you should stop using it, however, it has been almost 6 weeks since I got this bottle and the formula is still crystal clear!

CONs – Effectiveness and My Personal Experience
-Since you should let the Vitamin C serum be the star of your skin care routine during the day or night, you should not use excessive amounts of retinol and/or Alpha and Beta Hydroxy acids on your skin.
-Using sunscreen is an absolute MUST with Vitamin C, since it reveals the younger skin underneath, you have to apply an SPF 30-50 to protect it and prevent any sun damage and dark spots.
-I experienced a little bit of dryness whenever I did not properly moisturize my skin after this product, thus, proper moisturization is essential after this product.

At the end of the freaking day, I am absolutely in love with this Vitamin C serum and I will definitely repurchase as soon as I finish this one up!!

Have a fabulous day!



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